International Datacenter Network by CenterServ

CenterServ’s managed datacenter network offers high performance on a global scale. Compliance with strict international auditing standards, SAS 70, SSAE 16, SOC 2 and SOC 3 certification confirm CenterServ’s datacenter network as a world leader’s, both in terms of data safety and network connectivity.

Thanks to the help of some major contributors such has RegusTM, backed by our passion for the industry, Centerserv association built a network now composed of thousands of nodes located in more than 200 cities. Our global network of datacenters is also interconnected through our international monitoring and security center to ensure the integrity of your data. Such high requirements in terms of data security, high-availability and network speed allow us to support a wide variety of high-performance dedicated and cloud hosting solution, as well as colocation services on a reliable international datacenter network.

CenterServ International High-Speed Datacenter (IHSDC) are the main datacenter for international customers. To insure that each customer have very high speed both internationally and locally they are strategically composed of the best selection of datacenter from each continent (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia.)

All of CenterServ IHSDC servers, hosting, cloud servers are connected with 1000 Mb/sec ports. With that much bandwidth for each server at IHSDC, your server will most likely load faster than if you would be hosted in the same city where your audience is.

TAKE NOTE:It is a myth to believe that server or IP location will make your site load faster or be ranked higher in search engines such has Google, Bing… If you want more information on how to rank higher geographically in search engines we are offering free consulting to new customers. If you absolutely need a server in specific location, most datacenter require a minimum of 3 months engagement.


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Priority 1: Redundancy, control, security and safety

Your first criteria, in the choice of a managed datacenter, would perhaps be our second. Because our primary concern is to insure maximum security and safety for our client companies’ mission critical and other sensitive data. They largely determine continuity of services, which involves both higher costs and higher stakes. Therefore, we have built extra tight-security premises, with the following specifications.

  • Redundancy: integrated backup power supply with heavy-duty batteries and diesel power generators; multiple carrier networks.
  • Uninterrupted closed-circuit and manned monitoring, building-access monitoring 24/7/365.
  • Locked individual server compartments.
  • Permanent monitoring of networks, firewalls, intrusion detection devices and audits.
  • 100 % automated operations to limit personnel access of premises and for cost-effectiveness.
  • Choice of high-grade material and workmanship: cabling, sockets, plugs, optic fibers, Serv-3000 technology.
  • Active and passive fire protection and suppression systems: detectors, alerts, automatic extinguishers, non-toxic anti flame-propagation FM 200 gas, fire containment.
  • Environmental control: air-conditioning for humidity, temperature, dust-filtering.

Priority 2: High performance and high-availability servers

Our managed datacenters are linked through ultra fast and reliable connections with our patented super-fluidity technology Serv-3000 and optic fiber bundles. Their superior quality makes them an optimum environment for your managed dedicated servers.

  • 100 % guaranteed uptime on our ultra reliable networks with alternative itineraries.
  • High-speed data transfer thanks to our centralized network and integrated servers.
  • Automatable high scalability.
  • Advanced technical support available 24/7/365: directly and instantaneously online, toll-free international phone calls.
  • Pre-installed Cobalt RaQ solutions and services (email, FTP, DNS, SQL data bases) allowing the hosting of up to 200 websites. Personal setting panel (configuration of the login procedure, email account, etc.) for each customer.

Priority 3: Cost-efficiency, overall effectiveness and environment

The latest trends concerning the future of managed datacenters point to improving our cost-effectiveness-environment ratio. Our managed dedicated hosting company naturally adapts its facilities and services to market conditions, but always with full respect for quality and long-term profitability.

  • We believe in state-of-the-art technology as a warranty of high performance.
  • We offer global solutions without any hidden charges.
  • Our pricing is based on actual consumption to avoid over-invoicing.
  • We offer highly-customized wholesale hosting rentals to limit waste.
  • Our wholesale hosting leasing options allow companies to unlock their capital.
  • Our datacenters gain efficiency through virtualization and automation.
  • We exclusively employ well-qualified, experienced and competent experts.
  • We make use of natural climate resources for the conditioning of our datacenters.

Certainly, no managed datacenter or network is entirely immune to outage. Nevertheless, CenterServ avoids that through optimum security and performance via sustained, simultaneous and integrated efforts on the three above-mentioned fronts. Our consultants welcome your questions and requests for a free quote, no strings attached.