How Cloud is shaping the Media and Entertainment sector?

The entertainment sector is a huge umbrella term wherein you would find a large number of sub-industries devoted to entertainment. It is the most happening industry that always provides fun, entertainment, enjoyment and amusement to people. It includes but not limited to television programs, movies, broadcast, radio, books, video games and special events wherein live streaming of content is seen. The US Media and Entertainment industry is the largest in the world and accounts to 1/3rd of this industry. According to Analyst firm PwC report, the US M&E industry was worth $632 billion in 2015. This value is expected to touch $771 billion by 2019. Video gaming industry is a $100 billion entity and is constantly evolving. Statista predicts that the US M&E market would generate revenue of 720.38 billion dollars in 2020.

Media Entertainment Sector
Challenges faced by the Entertainment Sector and Solution proposed by CenterServ

Along with fun and entertainment, the M&E industry has to go through multiple challenges. Firstly, entertainment involves live streaming of content. To seamlessly stream content, media companies have to spend a lot of budget on bandwidth and other data management resources. Secondly, the traffic is unpredictable. When a video goes viral, you can expect millions of hits within minutes. So, media companies should be able to instantly scale up resources. Another important challenge in the entertainment industry is personalization. It is important to identify and publish content that is personally relevant to the each end user.

As end users are increasingly using mobile devices to view entertainment content, media corporations have to ensure that the content is responsive, dynamic and caters to low-bandwidth networks as well. Publishing permission-based content is another challenge. As people purchase digital content, they want to access it from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Smaller studios lack the required infrastructure to compete with larger studios.

Benefits of cloud computing

By moving to the cloud, the entertainment industry can effectively resolve these issues. Here are some of the benefits offered by the cloud to the entertainment industry.

Highly scalable networks

The cloud enables media entities to deploy highly scalable networks. Whether it is a live event or a popular broadcast, you can effectively handle every type of traffic surge while only paying for the services used. When a video goes viral, you don’t have to worry about peak traffic loads. Moreover, high quality graphical content can be seamlessly streamed across the network at cost-effective prices.

Relevant content is the key

The current entertainment market not only demands rich graphical streaming of content, but it also requires relevant content to be published. The cloud provides enterprise-class analytics that helps you to harness huge volumes of customer data. By analyzing customer’s browsing patterns, you can deliver highly relevant and personalized content to each user.

World-class technologies at your finger tip

The cloud brings world-class technologies to smaller studios at a cost-effective price. Using enterprise-class technologies, smaller studios can effectively compete with larger studios. Moreover, you can deliver content that is compatible with multiple media tools. With real-time monitoring tools and historical analytics, information is available across the infrastructure for better collaboration.

Reduced datacenter footprint

As movies and programs consume gigabytes and terabytes of data, media corporations have to store huge volumes of data in the datacenter. Not every company has the required budget and expertise to setup the datacenter. Regardless of the size of the company, the cloud allows you to store large piles of data while enabling you to easily manage it. Not only does the cloud reduce datacenter footprint, it also reduces CapEx costs significantly.

Why CenterServ is the best cloud provider for the Entertainment Industry?

The primary requirement of the entertainment industry is highly scalable networks that can stream rich graphical content. CenterServ is one of the few companies that have the required infrastructure to provide high availability load balancing for networks of all sizes. While most of the current technology is designed for commercial businesses, CenterServ offers customized cloud solutions that are tailor-made for your organization which means you can concentrate on your core procedures.

CenterServ is the leading provider of cloud computing solutions for the entertainment industry. With thousands of nodes located in 200 countries, your data is always available online 24/7. Backed by several years of rich experience in designing education cloud systems that is augmented with the experienced and dedicated staff, CenterServ delivers customized cloud solutions that are reliable and secure. CenterServ is not affiliated or obliged to any product, service or solution which means your organization is entitled for the best available alternative for any specific purpose or need. Most importantly, CenterServ solutions are cost-effective.