How Cloud is shaping the IT and Telecom Sector?

Telecommunications is a broad term that describes transmission of information between two or more entities using a technology. It is used as a plural form as there are multiple technologies involved in it. The growth and innovation of any industry is dependent on the efficacy of telecommunications installed in the organization. According to Hexa Reports, the market for telecommunications in the US was $750 billion in 2014. It is expected to grow by 3.9% per year through 2020. Verizon, AT & T and Sprint are the leading companies in US in this segment. Radiant Insights predicts that the US telecom market share would reach $1.3 trillion by 2020.

Telecom Sector
Challenges faced by the IT and Telecom Sector and Solution proposed by CenterServ

As with every other industry, telecommunications is facing multiple challenges. The innovation in technology has revolutionized every industry. And, the telecom industry is expected to quickly adapt these changes to provide the required innovation to that industry. A notable example is OTT or over-the-top services. For the extra bandwidth provided for these OTT services, telecom operators are not earning any extra income. Transforming the technology from voice-centric solutions to data-driven solutions is a challenge.

To compete with OTT players, telecom operators are offering value added services such as HD video conferencing and mobile office solutions. Faster time to market these solutions is a key requirement. With data-driven solutions in great demand, telco providers have to deliver highly scalable resources that can handle data-hungry applications. With innovation happening at a rapid pace, telecom organizations have to adapt to these changes quickly. At the same time, they have to optimize resources to give space for all the innovation.

Benefits of cloud computing

The cloud provides the required flexibility and scalability to proactively innovate telecommunications solutions. Here are some of benefits offered by the cloud to the telecommunications market.

Web-based Applications

The cloud enables telecom organizations to cost-effectively deliver web-based applications to address changing IT scenarios. Web-based applications allow organizations to deliver location-independent, device-independent and platform independent solutions. End-users get the flexibility to use any type of device to access resources from anywhere.

Extend network reach

The telecommunications industry involves a wide range of proprietary hardware. To optimize costs, telecom operations are moving towards new technologies such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The cloud compliments this transformation with the software defined network solutions. By virtualizing proprietary solutions on the hardware stack, telecom companies eliminate the need to purchase individual pieces of hardware.

Tap new opportunities

The cloud brings new opportunities to every industry. Telecommunications is not excluded. For instance, cloud-based managed services market is in great demand in recent times. Being uniquely positioned, telecom providers can quickly capitalize on this opportunity. Another chance is to provide end-to-end solutions in the cloud value chain.

Economies of Scale

As with any other industry, telecommunications segment is burdened with increasing business demands and decreasing budgets. The cloud enables organizations to leverages resources to the core to deliver the maximum output. As there is minimal upfront investment needed, organizations can plan their expenses and make future-proof investments.

Why CenterServ is the best cloud provider for the Telecommunications Industry?

One of the major challenges for the telecommunications industry is to quickly realign their technologies to incorporate changing innovation. Secondly, they need highly scalable IT infrastructure to run data-hungry applications. CenterServ provides highly scalable infrastructure that can be flexibly realigned to meet changing client needs. The company offers customized cloud solutions that are tailor-made for your organization which means you can concentrate on your core procedures.

CenterServ is the leading provider of cloud computing solutions for the retail industry. With thousands of nodes located in 200 countries, your data is always available online 24/7. Backed by several years of rich experience in designing telecommunications cloud systems that is augmented with the experienced and dedicated staff, CenterServ delivers customized cloud solutions that are reliable and secure. CenterServ is not affiliated or obliged to any product, service or solution which means your organization is entitled for the best available alternative for any specific purpose or need. Most importantly, CenterServ solutions are cost-effective.

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