How Cloud is shaping the Wholesale/Retail Sector?

The retail industry significantly contributes to the economy of a country. It is accounting to 2/3rd of the GDP of US. It involves companies and individuals selling finished products to end-users. Multi-store retail chains are commonly seen in US and across the globe. Accounting to eMarketer report, the total retail sales across the globe in 2014 was $22 trillion. In the US alone, it was $4.63 trillion in 2014 and $4.78 trillion in 2015. This value is expected to exceed $5 trillion in 2016. US is the global leader in the retail segment. More than 75 largest retail companies in the world are based in US.

Retail Sector
Challenges faced by the Retail Sector and Solution proposed by CenterServ

The wholesale/retail market is bombarded with several challenges. The major one is the gradual decline in foot traffic to brick and mortar stores. With the increasing use of smart-phones and online transactions, retailers are forced to make their online presence felt. For the foot traffic, they have to maintain physical stores as well while proactively making future-proof investments. Secondly, the ecommerce market has cluttered the pricing structure of the retail industry. To be in competition, retailers have to find ways to inexpensively deliver goods and services to endusers. They have to leverage resources to the core to make margins.

Another challenge for retailers is the tech-savvy nature of consumers. With the online and mobile revolution, consumers are well educated about products, features and prices of goods and services. Retail marketers have to be on their toes to provide high quality products at the best price.

The IT technologies such as cloud computing has transformed the product-driven market into a service-oriented one which means retailers have to provide the best service throughout the product lifecycle. Another major challenge is the growing ecommerce competition. In this fierce competitive world, retailers have to harness big data to anRetail Industry Growth percentage by yearalyze customer behavioral trends and customize sales accordingly. Online promotion holds a key here.

Benefits of cloud computing

The cloud offers the perfect solution to these challenges. By moving to the cloud, retailers can deliver service-oriented products to consumers while optimizing costs. Here are some of benefits offered by the cloud to the wholesale/retail market.

Integrated Channel Operations

The cloud transforms your outdated staid systems and operations into vibrant supply chain technologies. With the cloud, you can integrate all applications and resources across the infrastructure to create a seamless collaboration across all channels in the business. Merchandising and marketing departments work in harmony with the support team to deliver high quality customer experience to endusers.

Highly scalable solutions

The retail industry is known for sudden traffic surges. During the holiday season, you are bombarded with loads of traffic which is not seen on other days. When you expand your infrastructure, it will lay waste during the offseason. With the cloud, you can quickly scale up resources and only pay for the services used.

Customer interaction made easy

For the retail business, customer is the king. In this highly competitive world, retailers have little margin of error to lose a sale. The cloud enables organizations to deliver a smooth shopping experience to users. With the help of cutting-edge analytic tools, organizations can analyze customer behavioral trends and offer customized services to customers. Satisfied customers bring more business as well.

Managing competitive pricing

The cloud technologies bring low-cost computing into picture. With minimal CapEx, organizations can setup highly optimized networks to leverage costs and increased revenues. The investment saved on the resources can be utilized to provide more value to customers. Not only is the initial investment minimal, the maintenance is easy and cost-effective as well.

Why CenterServ is the best cloud provider for the Retail Industry?

One of the major challenges for the retail industry is the shift from brick and mortar stores to online stores. CenterServ stands at the forefront of this transformation to provide high quality virtual networks that enable organizations to offer solutions instead of commodities to endusers. Most of the current technology is designed for commercial businesses. Customizing these solutions to meet organization-specific needs requires significant amount of time, efforts and resources. CenterServ offers customized cloud solutions that are tailor-made for your organization which means you can concentrate on your core procedures.

CenterServ is the leading provider of cloud computing solutions for the retail industry. With thousands of nodes located in 200 countries, your data is always available online 24/7. Backed by several years of rich experience in designing retail cloud systems that is augmented with the experienced and dedicated staff, CenterServ delivers customized cloud solutions that are reliable and secure. CenterServ is not affiliated or obliged to any product, service or solution which means your organization is entitled for the best available alternative for any specific purpose or need. Most importantly, CenterServ solutions are cost-effective.