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Domain Name Management – International Domain Registration by CenterServ

CenterServ manages and registers your domain for you. Our domain name management & registration system allows you to register the most popular domain names and more than 200 country-specific TLDs. By using the domain search field bellow, you can proceed with your domain registration and we will take care of your domain for you.

Note that if you cannot find your domain extension, you can simply contact us, specifying the domain you would like to register; and we will do the research for you.


CenterServ’s Domain name management & registration services include:

  • Domain registration, renewal and transfer services:
    CenterServ can register, renew and transfer your domain for you. Secure your domain with CenterServ: it will be free of any human error and you will be backed by a team of domain management specialists.
  • Domain Lock administration:
    CenterServ can manage prevention against unauthorized domain changes, such as transfers to other registrars or changes in ownership details.
  • Name Server Management:
    CenterServ can administer where your domain points. We can redirect, host or park your domain name with us or transfer it to any other provider.
  • Domain Forwarding:
    CenterServ domain name experts can forward your domain and subdomains to another website or portion of your site.
  • Host Name Management:
    Our team of dedicated domain expert can help you define and set appropriately your Hostnames in order to define a nameserver instead of an IP address.
  • Complete DNS Zone File management:
    Centerserv provides full administration of your zone files. This means that we will take care to organize the zone records for domain names and subdomains on our DNS server. Each domain name & subdomain possesses a zone record within their zone file. This is what contains all the DNS information linking domain names and subdomains to IP addresses. CenterServ will provide you with all the necessary help so your DNS information is setup correctly.
  • Hosting website and emails:
    CenterServ can setup your domain at your own hosted website and email provider or we can provide those services for you.
  • Domain Name contact information:
    CenterServ manages for you the editing of the registrant, administrator, technical and billing contact information.

Free your mind and secure the management of your domain name with our team of domain specialists.

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