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CenterServ’s International Cloud Franchise Opportunity IMAGINE Being Part of the World’s First, Finest and Largest Cloud Computing and ICT Industry Unity
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CenterServ® Cloud Franchise Opportunity

Please watch the video completely and read all the information contained on this page. The first step to have your franchise setup and all your questions answered is to meet our franchise expert. For this, we require a refundable deposit representing 10% of your first year franchise fees.

Franchise Reservation

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Why is this franchise so successful?

BECAUSE it is very profitable!
BECAUSE we have tremendous competitive advantages!
BECAUSE we are improving the cloud industry like no one else does!
BECAUSE only the finest entrepreneurs understand this opportunity and are taking part in it!

Are YOU very talented in business or in the ICT industry? Are YOU innovative and passionate about technology? Then you can instantly free your mind, be part of the dream and set up your own cloud franchise, the one that is driving the change for a better cloud.

This is a real franchise opportunity, the opportunity to establish your own business with your own cloud. This is not a reseller business. You will be responsible for a territory, a particular service, even a language with your own cloud.

The information that follows explains how we make dreams happen!
CenterServ cloud franchise opportunity… The only one of its kind!

From as low as $2,500/yr, we will invest in the most brilliant and promising entrepreneurs so they can own a franchise of the world`s most innovative and pioneering cloud company. Be successful on every project and business venture while being backed by a team of more than 1500 passionate sysadmin professionals from more than 100 countries and a presence in more than 250 datacenters worldwide. After becoming a CenterServ® franchisee, you will own one or two company websites to help you attract clients ( and ). You will serve the clients accordingly with your selected suppliers and resources all backed by CenterServ standards and know-how.

Join CenterServ international, gain your financial freedom and help us bring a better cloud together. We believe that only a handful of companies can really impact the cloud industry in the benefit of society and CenterServ is the pioneer. Today, no other cloud company embraces the mission of making a better cloud while serving business, organization and individuals.

While we see ourselves more like a gang with its own code and secrets, the franchise system is simply the ideal model on which we based ourselves for exponential growth, strength and effectiveness. Most of our franchisees bring their own experience, market knowledge, innovation, ideas or even social awareness into CenterServ®. This make our organization very strong, valuable and influent. Our franchise is highly flexible in terms of letting each franchisee experiment and test on their own. This greatly helps pushing the cloud industry’s purposes to higher ground and meanwhile helps us serve our customers better. Thanks to this, CenterServ is bringing tremendous value to the cloud industry. Our franchise grounded its organization on the same values as the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. Each franchise is like a micro lab experimenting on its own and CenterServ International decides whether to adopt and promote each individual franchise success and breakthrough throughout the other franchises and the CenterServ international Network.

CenterServ is highly profitable for each franchisee. This ensures your financial comfort which, in return, helps free your mind so you can focus on your mission of offering quality standards to your customers and always pushing the envelope!

CenterServ Internet Franchise Opportunity
Group Emedia Web Agency Internet Franchise Opportunity

Franchises Opportunity Cost and Financial Assistance

The cost of becoming a franchisee is $4,500.00 and thereafter 2,500 per year. The option to get an exclusive regional market is also available. In order to find out the cost of our Web and cloud computing franchise exclusive markets, simply visit the map and click on the icon representing the region of your targeted market.

Financing available: Interest-free from 30% to 100% on the initial cloud franchise fee.

Eligibility factors:
1. Area of specialization combined with field experience and trade secrets;
2. Current activity in the industry or in cloud computing in general;
3. Parallel Business;
4. Solid base of prospective customers;
5. Valuable know-how, technologies or other added value competitive advantage;
6. Any other reason CenterServ team may rate highly.


Our 3 Main Type of Cloud Franchises.

While applying for a CenterServ Franchise, you will be invited to summarize your cloud franchise project. You will need to explain how you intend to use your CenterServ franchise in order to grow in your territory, your industry/product or services or in your language. Each franchisee can use any of the 3 main types of franchise to conduct business

Geographical or Territorial Cloud Franchises

This is the most popular and common form of franchise offered by CenterServ. Franchisees are exclusive or non-exclusive owners of their own territory.

Industry, Service and Products Cloud Franchises

At the request of many prospective and current franchisees we introduced the industry, services and product type cloud franchise. The role of this type of franchise is to promote the cloud industry for specific products, services and even industry type of cloud. For instance, for the industry type we can have a particular franchisee specialized for the Aerospace industry. On the other hand we can offer products and services type industry franchise for example for a prospect who wants to concentrate on delivering cloud services for statistical services exclusively.

Language Cloud Franchises

Prospect franchisees can also use CenterServ franchise for specific languages which are still unused by CenterServ International. Language franchises can only be offered internationally.



Country Franchise - Cloud Servers Country Franchise
google-map-icon Province / State Franchise
google-map-icon-states City Franchise



We support every Internet franchise opportunity with over 15 years of innovation, achievements, and a proven business model backed by excellent market differentiators in a niche market where CenterServ and Group Emedia are pioneers. You will learn how to use the virtual world, excel at it, be free and bring value to an industry with exponential growth!

CenterServ’s family of Internet and cloud franchise opportunities is composed of two companies: an IT company “CenterServ” and a Communication Agency “Group Emediacom”. Both are combined in ICT (information and communication technologies) to serve pure cloud computing purposes. Franchisees might want to focus exclusively on one or the other according to their preferences. Since our ultimate aim is to ensure the success of our franchisees, we are doing our best to provide information and offer solutions based on our successful experience.

With various Cloud franchise opportunities available, we can ensure we will help you make the right decisions so you can hit the ground running and grow your business, quickly and easily. Your options are limitless. As we continue to grow the CenterServ® brand, we remain competitive by offering franchising opportunities through multi-zone acquisitions and new market development.

We have the recipe for success and we are determined to empower you with first-class knowledge resources and the support needed to become a member of the CenterServ® family.


We are more like a gang with a mission than a typical company

Because we are the largest and the first cloud computing unity offering franchise in an industry with exponential growth. Because our franchise can be run very easily from your home or from anywhere around the world. We are pioneers because of our very mission to bring a better cloud. With more than 1500 system administrators and professionals in more than 100 countries and presence in more than 250 datacenters worldwide, we are the largest and most widely spread cloud computing company in the world. Furthermore, our franchise system is the only one of its kind and by its very organizational structure, it is optimized to promote structural strength, expansion and more importantly: Progress.

Also, we are like a “gang” – all bound by a secret and a private mission. Once you are in, you will need to respect our brand, our secrets, our privacy and our mission. We are using the franchise structure simply because we think it is the best way to take over the industry and markets. Our Franchise remains highly flexible so it can suit perfectly any type of investor or member allowing us to gain targeted markets and moreover allowing each franchisee to adapt to his own market as well as promote innovation, technological advancement, ideas and movements.


Franchisees earn 80% profit margin. How do we make it happen?

  • Franchisees benefit from CenterServ International access to scale market
  • We do not own any physical assets except our servers
  • We use extensive globalization advantages
  • We greatly capitalize operations and resources on cost effective virtual process and assets
  • We work with highly qualified and experienced technical experts backed by industry leading technology which lowers enterprise wide overhead cost. Things are done the right way, for the first time.

Key Elements of our Cloud Franchise Opportunity

  • Excellent business ethics, work experience and education, great passion for business;
  • Computer with Internet is all you need;
  • Very quick and easy setup in less than 1 month;
  • Work from anywhere in the world regardless of your target territory;
  • and Complete Website Integration;
  • Know-how and access to cloud industry trade secrets;
  • Save on starting your business from the ground up;
  • Reduce risks with a proven 15-year business success track record;
  • Meeting Room, Phone Service, Mail Handling;
  • The right to sell franchises in your own territory or language and to earn substantial sub-franchisee commissions and royalties;
  • A prestigious business address, toll free number and professional receptionist answering your calls in your exclusive territory (see the map);
  • Gain exclusivity in your own region, zone or language;
  • The right to use our international VoIP, telephone and ticketing systems;
  • The right to use our e-commerce and payment processing systems;
  • The right to use any of our international datacenters;
  • Monthly technical training, marketing and strategic planning through videoconferencing;
  • The right to use our logos, client references and testimonials;
  • Until you are fully independent we will lend all our departments to your business (operational and administrative);
  • You will learn how to use the virtual world and cloud computing, excel at it and BE FREE

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Through the franchise model, we will simply help you get started so you can profit and benefit from it and help us improve the cloud.

The cloud is the basis for incubating and supporting technological advancement, innovation, creative ideas and movements that are making businesses and organizations more productive and fit to gently take care of the world we live in. Because of its global nature, the CenterServ® cloud computing organization and franchise unity is a catalyst for such progress. CenterServ® international action, lobbying and influence in the cloud industry is geared towards socially responsible incentives driving us into a better world.




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