Dedicated Server Management

A socially responsible association that stands out by the quality of its services and its international presence.

CenterServ® is an association of more than 2000 ethical certified system administrator and experts from all around the world working for you to deliver server from any part of the globe. All our member work in different datacenter, and this is mostly what make us an amazing company. By decentralizing and empowering system administrators we become omnipresent on the international level and being global is all about Cloud computing. Read more about our International Cloud Company on Wiki

Thanks to the help of some major contributors such has RegusTM, backed by our passion for the industry, our association built a network now composed of thousands of nodes located in more than 500 cities. As a cloud hosting company, CenterServ now hold what’s known to be the most international datacenter network in terms of the diversity of its physical geolocation presence around the world.

From the depths of the most remote areas to the most industrialized country, CenterServ both unify the cloud on the international level and compensate the lack of genuine personalization of services. CenterServ positions itself, in an industry in which prepackaged configuration prevails and in which second-class services has become the rule. The web hosting industry and the cloud in general is facing a crisis in terms of the quality of technical services offered to customers. At CenterServ, you can be assured that we will not let you struggle with technical problems and that your data is as important to us as it is to you. This is precisely what makes our reputation and why we consider ourselves a socially responsible business that wishes to bring a minimum of ethics to its sector!

Dedicated server and web hosting company CenterServ®, global leader of dedicated web hosting and managed web cluster technology, was established in 2002. It rapidly expanded through the scalability of its internet infrastructure, the reliability of its dedicated server management services and its managed server colocation over more than a decade. Its innovative and dynamic nature earned it the trust of hundreds of clients in search of IT solutions precisely tailored to their actual needs. CenterServ’s infrastructure is designed for and perfectly able to take on a large client portfolio, hosted on unmanaged or managed dedicated server, on public and private managed cloud servers or on a combination of platforms.

CenterServ has become the web hosting company with the strongest online presence on the international level. We are proud to remain the best in the fields of managed dedicated server rentals, and of system deployment or administration. We are also very pleased to be placed among the most high-performing dedicated server management companies in terms of high-availability and server load-balancing hosting solutions for managed web clusters. CenterServ operates its managed dedicated servers with its patented high-availability Serv-3000 technology. More than ever, it enjoys a great reputation for the quality of its highly customized server management services.

Our patented Serv-3000 technology enables us to deliver maximum availability on the network connecting our various data centers. We offer dedicated, cloud and cluster server rental services, colocation and web hosting. We also provide advanced web server administration expert services. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through the flexibility of our infrastructure and of our solutions adapted to the large range of services requested by our clients.

In an effort to increase their performance, we continually update our dedicated server management solutions and we innovate. Your goals become ours, each project being monitored very carefully. Therefore, we develop unique and original solutions, such as high-availability servers and server load-balancing servers, which are both cost-effective and highly efficient. By aiming for perfection in your projects, we also target the success of our team and company, with the intention of becoming the best developers of web presence solutions and to remain at the top.

Why our dedicated server management services?

  • • Because we know how to host your business
    CenterServ is more than ever client-oriented. We offer more personalized services and cutting-edge technology than any other dedicated server management provider. This translates into consistent best value for money for your managed dedicated server. We know that they are the key to success, both yours and ours. Hence, our target is to be so efficient a partner for your business that you will forget we are there.
  • • Because businesses benefit from steadiness
    We do not lure our clients with bargains. We keep them satisfied and faithful with our high quality server management services. They know that they can unconditionally rely on us for high availability and stability in server performance, accurately customized solutions and mission critical security. We also invest in dedicated quality-driven professionals who find pleasure in standing out.
  • • Because your business is unique
    Standardization is efficient in cost-effectiveness, but becomes counter-productive when profit is its goal. Yet, it is the current leading trend in dedicated server management and web hosting. This leaves the majority of customers struggling with low server performance and downtime issues. We engineer each of our clients’ peace of mind step-by-step by configuring their servers individually and manually.
  • • Because our businesses are not alone
    Being socially responsible involves reaching beyond even long-term success and profit. For us, it means improving web hosting as an industry and providing our clients with better working conditions, so that they can in turn offer better services to the end-user. We believe that profit must be comprehensive to include well-being. This is our motivation for true progress and sound business.
  • • Because your business depends on server performance
    More than half of our new customers left previous web hosts, often leaders, due to unreliable uptime and low-performance dedicated server management. They ask for no more, no less than services delivered the right way. We keep to that, by providing as little or as much support or server management as you want, depending on how much or little technicalities prevent you from focusing on your business.
  • • Because we cover all of the above
    If we actually put customer satisfaction before profit, it is not out of lack of knowledge or experience, but because we consciously believe in this order. We also know first-hand that high performance dedicated server management needs new technology, high availability, irreproachable services and peace of mind. We supply all four in one offer.

Our dedicated servers management services

Our dedicated server management services are designed to meet the needs of local and multinational businesses, and to best serve their interests. They are based on market research, statistics and customer feedback. They fully exploit the opportunities of the current market, to provide entrepreneurs with the means to achieve their goals in the best conditions that dedicated web hosting can offer.

We are committed to support you unconditionally in your online presence with our fail-proof technical assistance and to align our full range of dedicated server management services with your ambitions. Our web hosting solutions are highly adaptable and supervised by well-qualified experts.

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CenterServ features

  • A global fleet of managed datacenters linked via a high-speed local and international network that is integrated and automated to ensure maximum security for your data.
  • Managed dedicated servers on a network with 100 % uptime, the latest technology and reliable dedicated server management services for uninterrupted web presence.
  • Fully managed servers on a 1000 Mbps network, a turnkey operated dedicated service for busy or inexperienced users, with complete dedicated server management.
  • Managed cloud server hosting, on virtual private servers, a cost-effective, flexible, quick and simple solution.
  • Managed web clusters providing power, stability and availability for complex missions, as well as rigorous administration services.
  • Managed server colocation, à la carte, highly secure and redundant; with outsourcing services by in-house engineers, high-availability servers and server load-balancing servers.
  • Dedicated web hosting, a package including pre-installed WordPress software and an extensive list of pertinent privileges.

The strengths of our dedicated servers management services

High performance demands strong allies. For your peace of mind, CenterServ provides a set of features that we use ourselves and others specially dedicated to our client companies.

  • Safety for your data above all: non-stop automated monitoring coupled with in-house expert personnel, process automation, diversified multiple redundancy protection, highly stable infrastructure.
  • State-of-the-art technology: latest versions of software, powerful dedicated servers, up-to-date hardware, high-standard facilities, patented technology.
  • High-speed and uptime: optic fibers, 100 % available dedicated network, 1000 Mbps connection, Serv-3000 Ready.
  • Advanced technical support: access to an in-house team on the alert 24/7/365, ready to respond promptly, toll-free by phone from any country, by e-mail or instantly onscreen through our help desk.
  • Personalized service: choice of components in our packages, range of management levels, free dedicated server management with all our plans, actual tariffs, innovative web hosting solutions, outsourcing services.
  • Carefully selected affiliations: ICT industry leaders for high-grade servers and web hosting solutions, durable and reliable service.

The mission of our managed server company is to provide clients hosted on our web servers with top dedicated server management services. CenterServ increases the flexibility of its services to adapt its web hosting solutions to your demands. We also regularly optimize our infrastructure so as to meet the requirements of the current market efficiently and rapidly.