Server Management & System Administration

Fully Managed Server

In addition to unmanaged dedicated server rentals, CenterServ offers high-caliber dedicated server management. These administration services are aimed at clients seeking to outsource their digital infrastructure or even their entire IT management. They also target the novice or inexperienced user. Dedicated server management is indeed often more cost-effective and profitable than self-managed dedicated servers.

The CenterServ management team includes highly specialized and experienced system administrators ready to provide guaranteed top-notch technical support. Our world-class facilities, equipment, software and network provide them with an optimal work environment. With our patented Serv-3000 technology, our managed server company is the first to offer the highest reliability record on the global network, with 100 % system uptime.

Dedicated server management services offers a larger number of choices and advantages than other web hosting solutions.

  • Hands-free control over your dedicated server. Fully managed server hosting relieves corporate management from the responsibility, expenses and worries related to dedicated server management.
  • The ability to choose one’s managed private server (physical, virtual or hybrid, in case of complex management), operating system, IT equipment and other options.
  • Access to top ICT expertise and cutting-edge technology.
  • Four levels of management to choose from, without compromising server reliability.

Fully managed: fully assumed by the host: monitoring, software updates, operating system updates and upgrades, reboots, security patches and unlimited support.
Managed: medium level of management: monitoring, updates and limited support.
Self-managed: limited management: regular monitoring and limited maintenance.
Unmanaged: very limited or no maintenance.

Dedicated server management at CenterServ goes well beyond the standard basic services. It covers the entire computer equipment: managing, memory, security, storage, IT support and applications.

We also provide:

  • A system administrator assigned to each client account. Five experts to check the job has been done to perfection for every managed dedicated server rented.
  • The right for the client to oversee the dedicated server activity, queries and statistics.
  • A guarantee of proactive and responsive support via a 24/7/365 hotline delivered by our in-house technical and specially trained personnel.
  • Optimal continuity, quality and stability of services thanks to our optic fiber network and international outreach. High availability servers with 100 % uptime ensure the transfer of content of our managed dedicated servers for websites running business applications and even for the gaming industry.
  • Fast migration and setup with no client intervention, including a Welcome Program.

Our dedicated server management solutions focus on five main services provided by a team of professionals specifically trained in the management of virtual dedicated servers.

Operating system management

At CenterServ, the maintenance and management of business operating systems and open source software are included in our packages. We provide a choice of efficient operating systems: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Microsoft, Free BSD and Fedora Core. We also install any other OS chosen by our clients.

Our OS engineers take over the whole dedicated server management, including its configuration, publication, security and memory, the data storage, backups and applications. Updates to the core system provide access to the latest versions of security patches, service packs, applications and system-wide vulnerability resolutions. The quality of our technological infrastructure ensures maximum stability for the applications running on your managed dedicated servers.

Network management

Our network engineers are responsible for the data transfer rate on the bandwidth and connectivity. They prevent failures, maintain transfer speed and maximize network resources. Load balancing and the redundancy of our multiple connections ensure high availability, with 100 % uptime. Our dedicated server management services come with an SLA certificate. Through multiple suppliers, we provide very powerful networks for managed dedicated servers using extra-wide bandwidths, now counted in gigabytes. This lowers the monthly rent for both large and small consumers. The pricing of our packs is based on transfer volume, chosen by the client.

Dedicated server management

Managed dedicated servers include many extra services and full or partial proactive advanced technical support. Users with no or little experience in managing a dedicated server receive the necessary assistance and services, while still being entitled to control the server activity.

Our system administrators are most familiar with our products and services. They are also ready to advise you on your choice of web hosting solutions or to assist you on a technical level. They administer all the functions related to connections and private servers.

  • Operating system, applications and anti-virus updates.
  • Fully automated continuous monitoring of the private server, applications, SNMP hardware and intrusion detection.
  • Backups and data recovery, disaster recovery, load balancing and performance tuning.
  • Management of applications, databases, firewalls, DNS hosting service and user service.
  • Advanced technical support, software installation and configuration
  • Anti-spam software, security audits, customized program consultation, DDoS protection and mitigation.

Security management

Our experts in dedicated server management deploy drastic means to protect your data, networks and managed private servers. We monitor each operating system intensively by means of the latest scanning software. We track hackers, intruders, crashers, spanners, Trojans, worms and other malicious codes. We also install various additional security devices or firewall software at the customer’s request.

Software management

Dedicated server management is also taken care of by CenterServ software engineers. They manage their operation, updates and upkeep. This is often too heavy and complex a task for novice and even for experienced users.

We offer packages with a standard software bundle or any software chosen by the client. Our dedicated servers being customized, the choice of operating system, applications, database and control panel is determined by the client’s needs and use. Our control panels include a comprehensive set of server and software applications, programming languages, application deployment and administration tools. They automate tasks via a web-based front end. Our dedicated servers offer a wide choice of control panels.

Control Panels:

Aegir Domain Technique Control Kloxo (Lxadmin) Virtualmin
Ajenti Gnupanel OpenPanel Webmin
AlternC i-MSCP SysCP WebsitePanel
Baifox ISPCConfig Froxlor ZPanel
EHCP ispCP Usermin Webuzo

Proprietary Control Panels:

cPanel H-Sphere Hosting Controller Server Management Tool
Plesk HDE Controller X InterWorx Server Pilot
DirectAdmin XO Panel ISPmanager Virtualmin Pro

CenterServ offers dedicated server management services with a view to lighten the administrative burden for dedicated server owners. Those who wish to manage themselves their servers to host their website or activities will find a powerful and reliable infrastructure with efficient advanced technical support. The inexperienced user will find comprehensive support and the same quality.

Knowing the difficulty of choosing a dependable and competent web host, we have clearly defined our services and products. We constantly improve them in order to keep them secure, inclusive, top-performing and powerful. We remain at your entire disposal for any question, request, proposal or advice concerning dedicated server management.