Copyright and trademark protection


The dedicated server management services offered by CenterServ retains the copyrights and/or applicable rights to all images, text and graphics featured on the CenterServ website. All trademarks and dedicated server management services remain the exclusive property of their respective owners. You may print the contents of this website for your personal use. However, you do not have the right to distribute the texts or graphics contained on the CenterServ website to third parties without a written authorization from CenterServ, nor to « copy » this information on your own website or to modify and reuse in any way the texts or graphics of this website without CenterServ’s permission. You are not either allowed to use the contents of the website of the dedicated web server company CenterServ in a manner that violates the rights of third parties.


The brand names of all dedicated server managing services of the CenterServ website, such as logos or domain names, are trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks that belong to CenterServ or any of its affiliates. Consequently, they are protected by trademark laws and other international laws.

Commercial trademarks

The service marks of the dedicated server company CenterServ’s website are protected ownership. The use of trademarks from the CenterServ website is strictly prohibited without the expressed authorization from CenterServ. You are not permitted to use the trademarks displayed on this website, in the meta tags or any other « hidden text » including CenterServ brand names without the prior written authorization of CenterServ or third parties owners of such brands. Without previous written consent from CenterServ, neither can any of the trademarks found on the CenterServ website be used in such a way as to suggest affiliation to or sponsorship by CenterServ.

Use of the Logo

CenterServ clients who wish to use the logo of the CenterServ website or of the dedicated server management services must file a request by email to Affiliates are allowed to use the CenterServ logo or banners as specified in their agreement with CenterServ and in accordance with the guidelines of the affiliate program.