Artificially Intelligent And Machine Learning Network "Ai-Wan" For Instant Secure Networking Backed By High Visibility, Monitoring, Centralized Management

AI-WAN™ Software Defined Global Network Fabric: Global SDN-based MPLS, VPLS and VPE

In today’s marketplace, purchasing dedicated WAN services and devices are costly. Many are moving to Internet-based WANs where they can reduce costs by 50% while increasing bandwidth by 4x! However, purchasing and managing all of the equipment on your own can be cumbersome and costly as well. In addition, you are at the mercy of the “best effort” Internet.

Our AI-WAN™ service provides instant MPLS, VPLS, and VPE (point to point Ethernet). But more importantly, is the Patented Machine Learning, Neural network core in whichit is built on.

Our core leverages millions of real-time and historic performance data that is fed into our machine learning platform. This data is collected from over 40,000+ global locations with performance visibility into every global Internet Service Provider. Simply put, our platform ensures 100% uptime combined with optimal performance, routing and switching.

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AI-WAN™ and Edge Compute Hardware

The Netrolix hardware consists of a scalable, zero touch device that can act as a router, switch, firewall wireless access point. Additionally, by scaling with additional CPU’s, our larger devices enable full blown edge compute! Each device fully supports all routing protocols and configurations consistent with leading equipment providers. Encrypted speeds supported by Netrolix devices range from 1mbps-2gbps IPSec throughput.

All of our devices can discover local network equipment (routers, switches, firewalls, access points) and upload them securely to the Netrolix portal for management, monitoring, and the addition of a selected device into an AI-WAN™ network.

IoT aggregation, the segmentation of IoT traffic, and the highest levels of security are leveraged to not only optimize IoT flows, but keep the rest of your network safe from potential breach.

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Global VPN: Deploy Global VPN gateway in minutes

Mobile connectivity and support is a must in today’s marketplace. Supported devices include Laptop/PC, Tablet, Smartphone, and IoT sensors.

Every Netrolix Data Center is equipped with a fully functional SDN Based VPN Gateways. For the mobile workforce and remote project teams, having access to your private network resources is a must. Let us help you solve your connectivity problems like performance or local firewall policies and rules that impair your functionality.

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Value Added Services, Advanced monitoring & configuration management via our Dashboard/Portal

Netrolix offers its monitoring services as a stand-alone option. This service is best suited for those that simply need to centralize management and visibility on a single platform for existing devices and have a network in place.

Our site management platform portal is a robust and agnostic endpoint management and configuration tool unlike any other. You no longer have to rely on each command line or GUI of each of your device manufacturers. Our portal speaks the unique configuration language of almost any network termination device. We create full blown centralized SDN control and visibility.

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AI-WAN™ Security

Like our AI-WAN™ service, Netrolix’s Security platform is built with internal deep learning, machine learning capabilities coupled with unique security algorithms . By dynamically learning your traffic patterns and adjusting accordingly we are capable of taking action to mitigate threats up and to complete lockdown for worst case scenarios. Now that's what we consider a truly tailored security architecture to you!

Every device that is connected to our network leverages IKEv2 and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) IPSec to provide maximum connection security. We have the ability to provide hosted and on site UTM features like anti-virus, content filtering, IDS/IPS, application control and DDoS mitigation.

With Multi-vector protection and Deep learning intelligence our Business Endpoint Protection provides a multi- vector advantage over other solutions, covering threats from email, web browsing, file attachments, hyperlinks, display ads, social media apps, and connected devices like USB drives. It also identifies sophisticated, never-before-seen threats that use blended strategies to deliver malicious payloads.

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Netrolix Cloud Connect

Netrolix Cloud Connect makes it easy to rapidly stand up a connection to your cloud provider like AWS or Microsoft Azure. You can leverage options like MPLS on the Netrolix AI-WAN™ platform to connect to multiple cloud providers in different regions coupled with flexible routing options.

To accomplish this, Netrolix deploys a Netrolix vRouter within your cloud providers environment, all done with ease via the Netrolix Portal. Once up and running, our SDN Dashboard monitors bandwidth and usage. Failover and load balancing configurations are also made readily available for deployment via our intuitive portal.

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