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Global Node Network

International Server Nodes Network Deployment and Management

Global Internet presence at lowest price with CenterServ

The advent of cloud computing has transformed the world into a global village. Gone are the days when employees were tied to office desks. Thanks to the cloud and mobile revolution, businesses are now able to centrally host resources and provide access to these resources from any location, any device and any time. While the cloud enabled employees to work from any location and any device, it has allowed businesses to attract customers from across the globe. Taking advantage of the innovation in the technology, businesses are now able to open virtual offices across the globe while delivering services to a global audience. To deliver better services to global customers, businesses require an international network of nodes.

Challenges with developing an international network of nodes

To provide better service for a global audience, organizations have to setup nodes in multiple countries. Firstly, identifying a reliable cloud provider in each country is a challenge. Each country has its own language, culture and currency. Some countries do not have the required infrastructure to deliver quality data management services. Managing reliable network across the infrastructure is a challenge. Secondly, not many cloud providers have an international network of nodes which means you need to hire multiple cloud providers for your global data network services. Managing 50 cloud providers instead of 1 is always a challenge.

Thirdly, each country has a different infrastructure setup and pricing structure. Setting up nodes in under developed countries is actually expensive when compared to first world countries. With varying pricing structures in different countries, organizations end up paying more for the entire network. Fourthly, organizations should setup managed datacenters so that resources are always on. In case of a failure, the system should be automatically restored without human intervention.

CenterServ is the only cloud provider that clearly understands your organizational datacenter network requirements. Backed by several years of rich experience in delivery highly reliable cloud solutions, CenterServ enables organizations to setup highly reliable datacenter networks across the globe.

Why CenterServ is the best cloud provider for international datacenter network?

CenterServ is the only cloud solutions company that has a global network of servers and nodes in 200 cities. Managed datacenter nodes from CenterServ are highly reliable, secure and significantly cost-effective Here is why CenterServ is the best cloud provider for your international datacenter network.

Managing single cloud provider across the globe

CenterServ is one of the few cloud providers that have a global network in 100+ countries. The network we will offer you is fully managed and approved. It is always easy to manage 1 provider instead of 50. Our global datacenter network is integrated with international monitoring to ensure data integrity and highest security

Lowest price in the Industry

Servers are very expensive in most part of the globe. Many countries don’t have the appropriate structure to even receive funds and are often led by a monopolist who charges higher prices. Even in those countries, CenterServ has people from the inside who provide quality datacenter solutions at a reasonable price. With CenterServ, you get the best from each country at the lowest price.

Reliable network

Deploying a reliable global network is a challenge. Managing it is a bigger challenge. Before adopting any node, we studied it by tracert for each country around the globe for years, getting rid of all bad nodes so that servers have very quick connection to important services such has Google, for instance. CenterServ is the only cloud provider which offers highly reliable nodes in almost every country.

Managed datacenters

CenterServ datacenter network is fully managed and approved. They are also on ping monitoring 24/7. It means we receive a SMS alert when a server goes down and we instantly restore it without your intervention to ensure both highest network stability and lowest customer intervention.

CenterServ offers cloud services to some of the most sophisticated and prominent international cloud that help us build the strongest internet global presence. While becoming our client, you will help us shape the best global server nodes network.


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