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  • You were asking Thomas about the performance of our shared instance of SQL, and what we thought of it. I’m impressed! It has been excellent to date. We are going to be putting the server through some serious testing next week, but I suspect everything will be fine.

    Robinson Peter

    United nations - web server client
    United-Nations Organization ( Database Servers )
  • The value that CenterServ brings Schering Plough on a day to day basis is priceless, in that we rely on vendors every day to produce the kind of quality products that we do. I know that there’s somebody walking around our server every day. I know that if something were to happen … we could get a hold of somebody and get it resolved instantaneously.

    Linda Mcpherson and Peter C. Wendell

    schering plough logo
    Schering Plough ( Dedicated Servers ) – April 2014
  • I have been a customer of CenterServ for almost 7 year. In that time I have found their responsiveness and attention to detail to be impeccable. I highly recommend their service for any ISP endeavour.

    Gregory Joseph Caturay

    testimonial publicis web server client.
    PUBLICIS ( Process Server ) – June 2005
  • Your suggestions worked perfectly. Our Corporate Website is running just fine now. I know the last week or so has been a real pain for you, since I have been doing some major changes on my website, as well as one of my customer’s websites. As always, I really appreciate your help and wonderful support. The ad runs tomorrow. I finally got my website updates done, just to find out that the FrontPage extensions were “not supported” according to Microsoft FrontPage when I tried to publish my website at 10:30 p.m. EDT. I sent an e-mail to your tech support, and you responded within 10 min. I know your support is great, but I didn’t expect to get such service on a Friday night at almost 11:00 p.m.
    I just wanted to let you and your superiors know that I appreciate all the help you have given me over the years. Any of my customers that ask about a truly reliable Cloud Server company will hear that CenterServ Hosting is the best.
    This is the third letter over the years that I have sent, and I have yet to have a complaint. Keep up the good work!

    B Mittelhammer
    TamTam TBWA Inc.

    tam-tam ( Cloud Server )
  • I just want to congratulate CenterServ for providing such an outstanding service. You guys provide a great service at a fair price. I appreciate how quickly you have responded to my requests for tech support…

    I hope CenterServ continue to offer services for a long time to come.
    Thank you!
    Thomas Fisher

    AtInternet ( Backup Servers ) – March 2014
  • I just got the free transfer from the Refugee program offered by CenterServ, the help I received was great. Quick, Accurate info, and a quick resolution to the problem. I really appreciate the High Quality of assistance I receive, whenever there is a problem.

    Thanks, your efforts do not go Un-noticed.

    lee hatherell

    nla ( Website Hosting )
  • Just a quick note to convey my satisfaction with your company, especially your tech support. They are incredible; so far to date, accurate and fast.
    With this kind of service, I’m hoping to be with CenterServ for a long time. Thanks for putting an important emphasis on customer support.

    Matt Abraham

    titan ( Managed Servers services )
  • Thank you for your great hosting service! I’m very glad I signed up with you folks. I’ve never had a problem or a moment of down time.
    I shopped around before signing up for a “pay” hosting service, and CenterServ was definitely the best value. Now that I’ve been with you all for a year, I can add that you provide the best value AND great service. Keep up the good work.

    Geoffrey Vickery

    vikery ( Dedicated Servers )
  • After my first year With CenterServ I am quite pleased with the price and service I have received.

    Mike Peters

    castle_rock ( Cloud Server )
  • I truly appreciate the work you guys are doing, and I’m looking forward to a long, happy stay on your server.

    Chris McGuire

    suiside_cr ( Dedicated Servers )
  • We all know there are literally thousands of Cloud Server companies available, each touting great service, fast response times to problems, etc. The fact of the matter is that no one can ever really know how problems will be handled until they actually happen. Your professionalism…demonstrated to me your full time commitment to your customers! Others may promise…you guys deliver… This is not the first time I’ve been impressed with you folks, either. You have taken the time to promptly answer questions I’ve emailed, even though my questions may have been outside of the scope of your responsibility as a web host. It’s a great feeling having your technical expertise on my side!

    Richard J. Kennedy

    umna ( Voip Server )
  • I just want to congratulate CenterServ for providing such an outstanding service. You guys provide a great service at a fair price. I appreciate how quickly you have responded to my requests for tech support…
    I hope CenterServ continue to offer services for a long time to come.
    Keep up the great job!

    John Hesch

    the brass ( Streaming Server )
  • You guys are awesome! I just realized that CenterServ hosting has added additional email accounts, disk space and Php capabilities to my CenterServ Eternal plan!
    Excellent host! Keep up the good work! ;p

    Donald Lim

    internet_idiot ( Dedicated Servers )
  • I’ve hosted through you for the past 2 years and tell everyone I know looking for Cloud Server about CenterServ. I’ve worked with a couple of hosting companies before you and they don’t even compare. You all are the BEST, and I’ll never host through anyone else. Keep up the great work…. it is appreciated!

    Wendy Crumbo

    iova ( Cloud Server )
  • I want to thank you for the recent help with my Cloud Server accounts and domain registrations. I am now convinced I made the right decision to move my accounts over to CenterServ. I’ve operated my own Web sites and served as Webmaster for clients’ sites for over 6 years and none of the other hosts I’ve worked with have ever given me the level of customer service and fast responses that I get from you guys. Although my previous host was one of the biggest Web services hosts on the Internet, the typical response time to my requests for support ranged anywhere from 3 days to a week. I once waited 3 days to get a response to my message that my site was down!! You guys respond in an hour or less. Unbelievable! It’s like I have my own personal tech support guy just sitting around waiting to help me when I need it.
    Everyone who operates Web sites knows that problems and glitches occur no matter who their host is. Stuff just happens. The key is finding a host who is responsive to these problems when they occur, who resolves the issue quickly and, most importantly, and who keeps the client updated with what is going on. CenterServ is such a company and you deliver this level of support at about 25% of the hosting cost of my previous host.

    Steve Burt

    1st resume ( Cloud Servers )
  • It is admirable that you and your colleagues work hard to professionally help your clients, I being one of them. I am truly satisfied, and believe me I will continue to promote your hosting with all the added benefits that you folks give with such superb proficiency and dedication. I can only wish you well and success.
    Thanks for the excellent cooperation again. Please do convey this message to all at CenterServ Hosting.

    Naushir Mandwewala

    LN_logo for fb ( Email Hosting )
  • My business partner and I started a Cloud Server and design business after recently receiving our Associate’s degrees. We’ve been through 4 other Cloud Server companies in the past year because of poor tech support, slow servers, confusing control panels and uncooperative customer service reps. We’ve been with A-Plus for over a year and during that time our sites have been running perfectly, we’ve gotten fast, high quality tech support and we love the control panel, which lets us manage our business from one central location.

    John Lynch

    rhode ( Cloud Servers )
  • What I really like about CenterServ is that while it offers many advanced features for state-of-the- art websites, the basic needs of your average homepage designer like myself are supported with a standard portfolio of services. I went for the CenterServ Eternal account for a lifetime of hassle free hosting, and boy am I happy I did! My site was up and running in no time, and it has never been down since I can remember. Perhaps what makes CenterServ really shine is their prompt and professional service. If you have a question about anything, are inquiring about a feature, need a new Perl Module, or just want some down-to-earth personal advice, send a simple email to technical support. In no time you will receive a response, sometimes within ten minutes! Whenever someone I know is looking for a good web host, I never hesitate one second to recommend CenterServ as the one and only place to try.

    Kiffin Gish

    cyber ( Fully Managed Server )
  • I signed up with 5 other hosting companies first, and found their services and customer support both inadequate and frustrating. Thanks CenterServ, for providing good features and giving quick answers to my questions, with no attitude.

    Jennifer Graham

    neo ( Dedicated Servers )
  • Wow! Even with no functional knowledge of html whatsoever, I was able to fix our mail with the tutorial in the link you gave me. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Thanks!

    Bobby Danner

    oliver_cr ( Web Hosting )
  • Thank you for your prompt action! May I take this opportunity to say that I find your response time and quality as simply one of the best that I have experienced! I appreciate it all the more as your web-hosting prices are also so reasonable and affordable. Thank you very much!


    ablex ( Web hosting )
  • Thanks for your prompt reply. You do provide a great service at a great price.

    Allen Hoffman

    edi ( Shared Host )
  • Thank you very much. I’ve worked with you folks for a couple years now, and you know why? Your customer service is EXCELLENT!


    virtual_vision_cr ( Cloud Server )
  • You guys are top notch in my book! I’m sure that it won’t be the last time you hear from me but maybe not for a while…Thanks again


    euromedia ( Managed Dedicated Server )
  • Thanks for the generous help and as always if I have anyone else that wants a webhosting company as with I will send them to CenterServ because the service is EXCELLENT!!!

    Glenn Weldon

    golf ( Cloud Server )
  • You are always so wonderful and helpful. I’ve recommended CenterServ to several people. I know of one lady who switched to you guys because of my recommendations and she couldn’t be happier!
    Big hugs and thanks!!

    Kathy Turza

    kiscreations ( Terminal Server )
  • Thank you so very much! I have enjoyed my relationship with CenterServ. Though my site isn’t a “big business”, you have made it very easy to take care of the “business” end of it. Thank you for taking care of me and making it so easy. Also, thank you so much for your quick response! I figured it would be next week sometime before I heard ANYTHING from you! Really surprised to hear not only one but TWO messages today!

    Brenda Brazell

    bless_cr ( Shared Servers )
  • Excellent hosting, superb customer service and great prices. I have several domains hosted with CenterServ and I just added another one. I have tried other services but when I had a problem they were unreachable or the site was down often. CenterServ is a problem FREE host and I would recommend their services to anybody in need of hosting.

    Rene van’t Verlaat

    hospitality ( High-Availability Cluster )
  • Who knew? There still is something called customer and technical support! It is great to have a host that takes pride in answering your questions promptly, instead of sending out meaningless, automated replies… It saves so much aggravation! Keep up the great work!

    -Risto Klint

    risto ( Managed Server )
  • Thank you for responding to my message. The expertise, guidance and follow-up of CenterServ’s excellent technical support personnel are always appreciated.

    June Burke

    castlejb ( Fully Managed Dedicated Servers )
  • Your service has always been prompt, clear, and efficient
    Claude Giguere

    gips ( Web Hosting )
  • I have been with you for a while now and you always respond quickly to my questions and provide really good help. I teach web development classes at a local college and recommend your site to all my classes/students to use your services for hosting. That’s my little way of saying Thanks. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    Jude Lacoste

    la osta ( Managed server )
  • I will definitely have to tell people about CenterServ when they ask me where they should host their pages. You guys have excellent service, support, price, bandwidth, etc.

    brian Vidas

    renta ( Dedicated Host)
  • Your customer service response time and helpfulness is absolutely first-rate!

    Loren G Tindall

    mind eyes ( Cloud Server )
  • I have been contacting your company quite a bit over the past few days with questions, and you have all been extremely helpful, fast, and efficient. Keep up the great work.

    You Yen Wu

    Technologies Solutions, SA, Inc. ( Dedicated Servers ) – May, 2011
  • I am greatly impressed with the ease and speed of the account creation process with you. The process is extremely intuitive and your site lends helpful information along the way, especially when filling out information that is technically oriented.
    Thank you so much for providing such an efficient and professional service. With the efficiency of your account creation process and the quickness shown in answering the few questions I’ve had along the way, I hope you have success (and expect you to!) for many years to come.

    gm ( Dedicated Servers )
  • has provided with better service than just about any business I’m presently dealing with. It’s refreshing to deal with a competent company for once. I really don’t know how to thank you…. This is what I call a competent service with a smile…
    I would like to thank you again and all the rest of the CenterServ Cloud and Dedicated servers team for a job well done and one very satisfied customer.

    Alain Charron

    logos ( Dedicated Cloud Server )
  • Because of you guys Hosting has never been so easy. I’m having a lot more success on your servers than on the one I had before at ServerBeach – Your servers are very reliable but more over I never thought it was so easy to host a website.

    Genevieve Couture
    Hotel Montreal

    hotel monreal Montréal, Québec, Canada ( Cloud Hosting )
  • Just a note of sincere thanks for your service thus-far. We are a nonprofit organization in Canada in need of a reliable, helpful web host that will cater to our needs. Your customer service staff has been excellent in that way and we are extremely grateful. Being a non-profit organization, we were searching for a web host that could possibly give us some kind of a discount. This would allow us to share information with our members, without using all of our saved funds paying for the web site. CenterServ Hosting has always responded within the day to our many questions and concerns and we were delighted to hear that not only would you be able to help us, but that you offered us your some very interesting discounts! We are completely convinced that your company was the way to go and we look forward to many years with you. CenterServ Cloud and Dedicated servers, thank you again! We definitely will be recommending your company to everyone!

    Emmanuel Morin (President)
    Projets Autochtones Quebec Inc.

    projects_autohones_f Québec, Canada ( Web hosting )
  • Hosting through CenterServ is just an excellent experience all around: high-speed access servers, easy to use control panel, prompt and polite customer service. In my two-year experience with CenterServ there was not a single time to find our site down, nor we did receive complaints from our visitors of not being able to access it for any reason. Top recommendation for any website owner looking for reliable and professional Cloud Server.

    Price, Rebecca
    Design FAM Inc.

    empire_design ( High-availability server )
  • I’ve dealt with many online companies…and two hosting companies… I switched from Hostway where I was very unhappy with their level of service and support for the “little guy” even with a dedicated plan. I’m very happy I made the switch to CenterServ. has given us the BEST service and support I’ve ever experienced online. Not only is it friendly and helpful, it is QUICK!! I can’t say enough about CenterServ’s Cloud and Dedicated server customer service!

    Thassanee Dathong

    yardy ( Web Host and Dedicated Web Server )
  • I must say that I have been very pleased with CenterServ since signing up in June 2013. Our old server ran relatively trouble free and you guys have been quick to respond to any issues that have arisen.

    Friedman Brian

    skyneline – ( Managed Hosting )
  • I’m extremely impressed with CenterServ so far… I’ve done 1st level support myself, [and] know it is a thankless task…you are the best I’ve ever seen or dealt with.

    Mark Boyd

    Izzywebs ( Managed Services ) – August 17, 2011
  • Thanks …you guys and gals are the best, tell the boss big bonuses for everyone in tech support :)

    Joe Crowder

  • Thank you, CenterServ has been a very positive experience from the very first. I feel as though this has been a true value for my money, and I am always amazed how prompt you guys are in responding to my inquiries!
    Ted Siefkes

    One Happy Customer!

    cycling ( Fully Managed Dedicated Servers )



We deliver real fully managed servers because we know they
need personalization. Our 3-point strategic plan consists of:
prevention, protection, and intervention.


Fully Managed Servers Management solution


We individually configure your servers with precision to avoid any weak spots. Our processes are largely automated for improved stability and security.

We perform comprehensive maintenance checks and updatings. By individually setting up your system parameters, we settle downtime and performance issues.

Server Cluster Management


Just in case precise configuration and optimized maintenance are still not enough, we have alternatives: high-availability and load balancing solutions.

A copy of your website or application is safely hosted on another server, ready to take over anytime, bringing your fully managed server nearer to 100 % uptime.

All time monitoring system


Individually assigned account managers look after your system 24/7, with a remote uptime monitoring device connected to their cellphones and emails. It signals any malfunction or failure instantly and human intervention is immediate.

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  • ICT Franchise Opportunity

    CenterServ’s familly franchises is composed of 2 company: an IT company “CenterServ” and a Communication Agency “Group Emediacom”. Both are combined in ICT which stand for information and communication technologies. Since our first aim is to ensure the success of our franchisees, what a better idea than offering what has been the complete source of our own success since our beginning.

  • Why CenterServ is for you?

    While sustaining a socially responsible company, our team is composed of passionate and expert system administrators lead to transcend the web hosting industry into higher technological and service grounds.
    We welcome challenges and push the envelope to add both ethical and qualitative value to our industry, preferring to be renowned for something worthwhile.

  • IT Management Services

    In addition to web server rentals & full server management services, CenterServ offers high caliber web server management & advanced system administration & support.

    These IT administration & management services are aimed at clients seeking to outsource their IT infrastructure or even their entire IT management. They also target the novice or inexperienced user.