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CenterServ Welcomes Partnerships


CenterServ Welcomes Partnerships

As a managed server company and supplier of managed dedicated servers, CenterServ has established durable links with some of the best corporations in the field of information technologies providing web server businesses with hardware, software and services. This allows us to bring added value to what constitutes the core of our managed web server supply. Thanks to our strategic alliances with leading product suppliers and technical alliances, we can offer the most adequate web server technologies, and thus provide our clients with all the assets needed to create and maintain first class websites.

Strategic associates

Our managed server company offers the best managed dedicated server hosting solutions thanks to the partnerships it has established with several major suppliers in the web server industry.

Alliances with product suppliers

This kind of partnership allows us to supply sophisticated dedicated web hosting solutions and managed dedicated server rentals. CenterServ clients who wish to offer managed dedicated server rental services can, through us, provide their own customers with web servers thanks to our multiple web server infrastructure, commonly known as “server clusters”, and to our range of dedicate server management software. We are continuously searching for additional or complementary products and services to help us improve the quality of our managed dedicated server services. If you are considering a partnership with our managed server company to benefit from CenterServ’s fully managed server network, you may contact us via our Business Development department.

Technical alliances

Thanks to the alliances we have formed with the largest suppliers in the information technology industry, we have the highest quality hardware, software, connectivity and the technical services available to maintain the necessary dedicated web hosting infrastructure for top-notch managed dedicated server solutions. The outstanding performance and reliability of both our managed server colocation and dedicated web hosting, makes possible that CenterServ is among the world-class fully managed server providers. We are constantly seeking out new technology allowing us to offer innovative configurations to enhance the performance of our managed dedicated servers and to maintain our 100 % reliable services. Should you be interested in a partnership with our managed server company, please contact us via CenterServ’s Business Development department.

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