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Stephen Willis as the new COO for CenterServ USA operations


Stephen Willis as the new COO for CenterServ USA operations

By : CenterServ |September 07, 2016 |Blog |Comments Off on Stephen Willis as the new COO for CenterServ USA operations

CenterServ International is excited to announce Stephen Willis as the new COO for CenterServ USA operations

SAN JOSE, CA – SEP 1, 2016 – CenterServ International has appointed Stephen Willis as the new COO for its US operations today. Stephen will assume the role of the Chief Operating Officer for the CenterServ US region from Sep 1st, 2016.

CenterServ International President, Alexandre Laflèche Morin is excited about Stephen’s inclusion into the team. “This is a perfect time for Stephen to take over as the COO for the US region as the company is making waves in the cloud computing segment with its unique business approach and global presence in the cloud segment. The vast experience Stephen brings to CenterServ is sure to quickly push the company up the competition.” says Alexandre Morin.

Stephen is an experienced campaigner in this segment. His most recent position was working as a defense contractor for the Department of Defense (DoD). His work background also includes 18 Years in Logistics Management. His educational background includes a BS in Geographical Information Systems, MA in Intelligence Studies, Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Belt. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Columbia Southern University.

“I am very excited to be a part of a cloud computing company which has the most extended presence across the globe.” said Stephen, the new COO of CenterServ US. CenterServ, the newest cloud computing company to come out of Silicon Valley, has a very different approach to business solutions in the cloud. CenterServ uses a decentralized approach to cloud computing unlike most companies which use a centralized cookie cutter approach. “By using this business model, we can customize everything in the cloud. So you can consider CenterServ the Rolls-Royce of the Cloud Industry because we are a socially responsible company and our primary mission is not to make profit but to increase the service quality level of the cloud industry. Every business is different and has a totally different set of needs for their respective organizations” By providing customized cloud solutions, CenterServ is able to make a difference in the cloud segment. This is what sets us apart from the 100’s of cloud providers.” Adds Stephen.

CenterServ International is the leading cloud computing company that focuses on customizing cloud solutions to best suit every organizational need. With more than 1500 certified system administrators and servers in 600+ locations in 200+ cities and 150 countries, CenterServ International is the most extended web hosting company worldwide. No one is offering servers in as many countries as CenterServ does which makes it the best choice when it comes to giving your business an international presence.

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How CDN and International Servers Networking Facilitate Globalization

By : CenterServ |September 07, 2016 |Blog |Comments Off on How CDN and International Servers Networking Facilitate Globalization

How CDN and International Servers Networking Facilitate Globalization

CDN and International Servers NetworkThanks to CDN and International server networking (ISN) globalizing any business is no longer a challenging task. This is very important considering globalization is one of the most important trends in business segment. The key to successfully run any modern business is to proactively monitor changing trends and adapt to them at the earliest; CDN and ISN make this possible 24/7.

Why and how Globalization sustains on the virtual level and where should it lead us to?

Globalization is as new as the Internet. The Internet technology has revolutionized the world, making international integration easier than ever. The advent of the cloud computing technology has taken globalization to a new level. Today, virtualization methods have reduced the entire world into a small global village. While businesses are able to centrally host resources and publish them to remote users and locations, users are able to access resources from any device, any location and at any time. With cloud, virtualization, BYOD and CDN, globalization is now happening at a faster pace and in a more obvious way than ever before. It is now integrating everyone.

From people’s perspective, globalization has dissolved international boundaries while interchanging cultures and ideologies. The global media provides a great platform for people to promote their culture and identities. On a negative note, people are influenced by the cultures of powerful countries and have lost their individualism and ethnic identity. For instance, the western culture has taken over the world by a storm. Almost all greatest technologies are determined by the powerful western nations such as the United States. Intellectual properties and cultural rights are affected as well. With a global access to intellectual property, legal and moral issues have crossed international boundaries.

But from a business perspective, globalization has extended business markets and profits. While users are able to work with world-class technologies, organizations are now able to sell products in international markets thanks to International Server Networking. At the same time, globalization has brought more innovation to technology. Using new and innovative technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization, businesses are now able to operate virtual offices to optimize resources and deliver services across the globe. Therefore, organizations and individuals need to quickly adapt to those technologies to stay up to date with the virtual world. This technological change obligates companies to effectively manage their global presence in order to stay in the competition. Not doing equals failure. Period!

Why organizations need servers across the globe?

To deliver highly scalable and reliable services, companies have to consider two crucial aspects: 1st, resources should be always available and delivered at lightning speeds; 2nd, site loading speed should also be improved. For instance, when you host a website on a server in US, the loading time is different from when being accessed in other countries, UK for instance. These days, Internet users expect your site to load within 1-2 seconds. So, you have to host it on a server in UK for these particular visitors. Similarly, you have to setup multiple servers in multiple countries when you cater to a global market. This is where content delivery network (CDN) and International server networking (ISN) are highly necessary. Medium and big companies need server across the globe to better exchange communication through geo-targeted audiences.

Content Delivery Networks

These technologies help organizations gain global presence without being in all these geographical locations physically. CDN servers are used importantly for delivering content such as streaming media, international applications, dynamic content for online shopping, marketing or for personalized web experiences. Installation or updates for software and application delivery, cross platform adaptive content, and DDoS cloud protection are also effectively handled by CDN networks.

Now there are many large CDN providers: Akamai, Max CDN, Amazon CloudFront, CloudFlare CDN and CDNetworks. To provide this service, they need to rely on their own global network or on a very strong international network of servers. Although the number is slim, some companies offer this service in a very professional manner. For instance, CenterServ offers to CDN Companies in need of global presence servers and connectivity everywhere including the most remote areas in the world. Other CDN providers and Global organization develop their own network using different independent services and binding them together.

Today, CDN and many organizations exploit International server networks in order to interchange world views, products, ideas, and other services to contribute to this modern international integration. This is Globalization happening at faster pace than ever before and will lead us closer together.

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IT specialists for web server management needed for CenterServ, an International Management Server Company.

By : CenterServ |May 23, 2014 |Blog |Comments Off on IT specialists for web server management needed for CenterServ, an International Management Server Company.

dedicated server administration jobWe are a dedicated server company looking for many IT specialists for web server and other system admin experts. If you are quality-driven and ethic-oriented OR if you have a lot of contacts in the industry, we are interested in having you on our team.

To apply for IT specialists for web server, please read carefully.
We are looking to build our business reputation and popularity based on sharing revenue with very good and talented IT managers. As an IT manager, you administer business data which is crucial for business survival. This is why you need to be part of our organization. We recognize that you are important, as important as the company executive. Without you, the business simply stops. We want to reward you and strengthen your long-term and quality involvement with the customers you serve, so that their business can be safer or better than ever before.

Are you motivated by quality work or successful in the industry? If so, We would like to have you with us! When you get customers who have problems with their current provider OR are in need of web servers, why pass them on to competitors? You can keep them in your own CenterServ account and earn 30% lifetime on their monthly bills. Only CenterServ pays that much. Considering that our server rentals average 200$ per month, you can earn 600$ per month lifetime with only 10 servers. For large customers it’s even better, we pay up to 50%. This is revenue without working and, more importantly, it ensures you a close relationship with your new customers in the long run.

We will provide you with a e-mail and make sure you have all the administration and business appearance you need in order to get more customers, keep your credibility and simply focus on what you do best.

If you are interested in the job of IT specialists for web server, read and register here

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Managed Server Job – Server Management Job – Dedicated Server Broker

By : CenterServ |May 16, 2014 |Blog |Comments Off on Managed Server Job – Server Management Job – Dedicated Server Broker

Are you active in the cloud or dedicated hosting industry? Would like to benefit from server rental and generate a long-term growing monthly revenue? We created a server management job just for you! is issuing a call for applications and contacts for specialists in various aspects of network corporate presence, and system and server administration. This innovative career opportunity offers dedicated and knowledgeable candidates great potential for long-term personal satisfaction, professional growth and substantial profit. This announcement is part of a plan to expand our market with new branches through a network of global and local server agents.

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bitcoins accepted

Dedicated hosting company accepts Bitcoin payments

By : CenterServ |March 10, 2014 |Blog |Comments Off on Dedicated hosting company accepts Bitcoin payments

Dedicated company now accept Bitcoins payments for its managed dedicated services, web clustering solutions, cloud solutions or all other dedicated hosting service.

To accept Bitcoins payments for better or for worse?

After three years of flirting with the digital currency, and surviving rumors, declared passion and then the first crisis, what are the pioneers of virtual currencies to expect? Web hosts are hesitantly beginning to accept Bitcoin payments. A new generation of entrepreneurs questions the future of a financial innovation with a fragrance of freedom and renewal.

The awakening of virtual currencies raises a storm of emotions among its defenders and opponents alike. Hope and despair, promises and concerns, enthusiasm and rejection jostle. Digital money still raises a host of questions and uncertainties. Yet, it stirs financial authorities.

The sign of a new financial era?

In the wake of globalization and of the development of online business, dematerialized money seems nothing more than a logical continuation towards a form of global citizen maturity. The decision to accept Bitcoin payments is based on considerations of efficiency, independence, unification and cost-efficiency. It is also evidence of faith in a responsible system. Because they bypass the control of banks, governmental regulations and financial intermediaries, crypto-currencies involve an equal number of challenges and benefits.

The increasing popularity of Bitcoin (BTC) payments is certainly due to the speculation craze, but also to advantages acclaimed by its users.

  • This virtual currency is used worldwide, without any geopolitical exception.
  • Payments in virtual currencies involve no or minimal processing fees.
  • BTC transactions are practically or, upon demand, entirely anonymous.
  • The decision to accept Bitcoin payments improves online business visibility.
  • Virtual currencies (bitcoin, litecoin, auroracoin, altcoin…) are highly secured currencies – though not inviolable – with a value on the rise.

Still, Bitcoins inspire some mistrust

To begin with, the recent interest of the media for its creator demonstrates the trouble cast by his anonymity. Then, virtual money has been associated with financial crime. In addition, its governing principles are not clear and transparent to all. Furthermore, Its being a financial system based on mutual responsibility does not encourage businesses to accept Bitcoin payments. Also, virtual currencies are beyond the control and regulations of banks and governments. Lastly, how to forget the first bitcoin stock-market crash following the recent bankruptcy of the major exchange platform MtGox?

Web hosting and digital currency

Like other industries, web hosting seems to benefit from a high demand for virtual payments, but the offer is low. However, the decision to accept Bitcoin payments for managed dedicated server solutions or for shared managed dedicated server rentals, for instance, opens new opportunities for clients and shows our commitment to protect the confidentiality of their data. The hosting service supplier thereby extends his potential client base to the entire world and moreover at a more competitive price. The user of managed cloud servers or other dedicated web hosting services enjoys privacy and the chance to access the service provider.

Financial technology and new demands on IT

The emerging demands of the market call for more powerful technology. Web hosting infrastructures need to be more flexible, faster, safer and more efficient. The superior reliability and the virtualization of managed cloud servers can meet the needs for interoperability and innovation. Opting to accept Bitcoin payments will indirectly contribute to this development by stimulating research on new virtual solutions and resources. It is by offering more customized and more scalable web hosting solutions that we will become reliable partners for businesses. Our dedicated server company CenterServ has chosen this path.

Integrating Bitcoin transactions into one’s business

Customer demand is strong and real. Using the digital currency simply requires an open-source software, but implies that the provider make an informed decision to accept Bitcoin payments. Payments may be processed in-house or outsourced. Regulations concerning accounting and taxation of digital money are pending and likely to be imminent.

What lies ahead for virtual currencies

The attention received by the recent collapse and partial recovery of the bitcoin demonstrates that digital currencies are an event important enough to trigger reactions from the leading financial and governmental institutions of the global economy. Thus, China is restricting, Russia is banning, the United States are considering, Iceland is innovating, Japan is pondering, France is warning, Australia is expecting and Canada is investigating. Could it be that Bitcoin is as untamable as Internet itself or will the authorities bring institutional guaranties with a view to protect consumers? Their first mission being to serve the citizen, should we not rather wonder whether the citizens of the world are ready to assume a community vision of finances? In order to assert itself, BTC must evolve beyond its experimental stage and translate its convictions into durable realities. The decision to accept Bitcoin payments is, therefore, tantamount to showing our commitment to an in-depth reform of the prevailing financial systems and perhaps to a renewal of world economic growth.

Solange Caragiannidis Jochum

Technical SEO writer for CenterServ

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CenterServ now offering web server in Latin America

By : CenterServ |November 28, 2013 |Blog |Comments Off on CenterServ now offering web server in Latin America

Web server management in latin america by CenterServOur managed dedicated hosting company will now offer server in Latin America and is delighted to bridge the digital gap between North, Central and South America with up-to-date technology and efficient customized services to manage IT infrastructures. This market is wide open, especially in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina. Still, no other leading provider of managed hosting services is both internationally oriented and based on Hispanic soil. As a result, most companies still do their IT management in-house, whereas outsourcing is proven to be more cost-effective and beneficial.

Combined with top-performing technology and equipment, high-quality dedicated server management services are known to bring added value to any business, website or industry. Latin America is the fourth largest Internet user, with 10.4 % of the global market in 2012. “Yet, instead of adopting a conservative and defensive stance, Hispanic entrepreneurs should open up to outsourcing because we can do it so much better and at a lower cost” explains founder and president Alexandre Laflèche Morin. With 15 years of experience in the field and eight international divisions, his company specialized in dedicated server management knows outsourcing inside out.

While offering dedicated server in Latin America Managed Dedicated servers will now provide experienced and inexperienced users alike this much-needed upgrading south of the border. It is available at four levels of management, from complete to minimal administration. “It is important to stress that even with our fully outsourced management, the client keeps control of his server operation, IT infrastructure and administration.” clarifies A. Laflèche Morin. These are administered by our system engineers to relieve the client of an evermore complex, burdensome, costly and time-consuming task. Managed web hosting provides access to top-performing equipment and networks, cutting-edge technology, advanced expertise, 100 % up-time and state-of-the-art infrastructures. It also includes unconditional ongoing proactive and responsive expert support. With our world-class facilities and state-of-the-art technology, we are firmly committed to all of the above, with transparent itemized pricing. Our multiple connections lower the cost of administrative outsourcing, making it affordable and more attractive to any company, large, extra-large or small to get its web server in Latin America.

Dedicated server management offers advantages and choices equaled by no other hosting option. First and foremost, the benefit of superior quality servers and connections regardless of the service level chosen. Secondly, a more comfortable and cost-effective set of options allowing for a more accurate fit to individual needs. Our company also offers extra tight security, overall top-performance and the best customized services in the industry. “We often host complete IT departments of companies. We then assign personal account managers, so that they really get to know their customers,” completes the President.

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